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Shine Some Light On Shadow IT With Denver Computer Services


Is your IT department operating in fear, terrified of the shadows? As ominous and threatening as it sounds, shadow IT isn’t always a bad thing and it is definitely here to stay. Denver computer services providers fully understand the effects of shadow IT on your company’s progress. These outsourced IT experts are equipped to help you take advantage of shadow IT and avoid the pitfalls that often accompany its presence.

Here is a look at how an outsourced IT partner can ensure you make the most of shadow IT.

Shadow IT  

It is most unlikely that individuals and departments who use shadow systems are doing it out of defiance simply to circumvent what the tech department has in place. They do it because the shadow IT makes their work more efficient and improves the quality of their output.

In many ways, the presence of shadow IT stems from the “consumerization of IT” and the fact that employees are comfortable with their own high tech devices (tablets, smart phones, etc.). In most cases, these work faster and better than what the organization provides. Another reason you might find shadow systems in your company, is that a department has come across particular software that lets them meet objectives more efficiently than what the tech department has in place.

These shadow processes that exist within your company’s IT structure and operate without explicit authorization, are often frowned upon by tech department personnel. That’s because your in-house IT team quite rightly sees them as presenting risks to data security. Furthermore, these rouge or stealth IT systems have the tendency to slow down IT processes due to incompatibility and inconsistences between them and the company’s system.

Bring A Denver Computer Services Firm On-Board

Computer Services providers know the ins and outs of the tech industry very well. They have to – it’s their business and how they are sure to retain customers. When it comes to managing shadow IT they will

  • proactively use their knowledge of tech developments and innovations to anticipate the needs of your employees in terms of tech support
  • work collaboratively with your in-house IT team to develop a plan the clearly states which types of technology are strictly prohibited
  • interface with members of other departments to gain greater insights into their processes and their technology needs
  • use their expertise to approve shadow systems that they have deemed to be either an asset to your company or which pose no threats
  • implement measures to upgrade and maintain the security of your company’s IT system and the data it contains


As the many variations of the “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy takes deeper root in how organizations operate, the issue of shadow systems and their impact becomes more and more complex. Engage with a leading Denver computer services firm and benefit from their knowledge of how shadow systems can actually brighten your company’s future.


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