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The Oil & Gas industry has unique challenges when it comes to IT.  There is exploration, extraction, production, safety, accounting, and security software that must all be integrated, managed & monitored.  NOYNIM IT Consulting Services Denver connects all the links in the chain, providing a comprehensive solution that optimizes efficiency without security compromise.

Here are some of the leading Oil & Gas IT services and technologies we work with on a daily basis:

Kingdom from SMT (Seismic Micro Technology) is an innovative application that provides the geoscientific tools necessary to explore and analyze assets in all types of situations.  This helps engineers, operators, and analysts make better decisions.

Boresight is the premier geosteering technology that ensures operators stay on target and avoid hazards while drilling.  The data can be used to help save time and produce better results.

Aries Petroleum Economics and Reserves Software allows unit managers to evaluate all assets on a single platform.  This software utilizes sophisticated modeling techniques for planning and budgeting for engineering, operations, and/or business departments.

Harmony from IHS Markit is a collaboration tool for analysts, engineers, and geoscientists to monitor production, forecast reserves, and create alternate scenarios to maximize asset development.

Oseberg Analytics has a powerful suite of software solutions for the next generation of Oil & Gas exploration.  These include Atla for data and access mapping; Sól to search, monitor, and generate alerts; DataStream which provides raw data that can be integrated with in-house systems; and OseFrac, offering complete, accurate frac data for analysis.

Google Earth Enterprise is one of the most popular applications in the energy industry.  It allows the user to build your own custom 2D and 3D maps using Google satellite imagery and integrate with other services using their APIs.

IHS Markit’s Petra is a visualization tool that geologists, analysts, technicians, and engineers use to quickly pinpoint potential reservoirs and make decisions more efficiently.

P2 Merrick is a complete solution for onshore/offshore as well as conventional/unconventional Oil & Gas operations.  The software includes modules for mobile operations, field data capture, hydrocarbon accounting, reporting/analytics, and forecasting.

Enertia Software is the industry leader in upstream Oil & Gas solutions.  Their product is the only single vendor solution that covers everything from accounting to field management, to workflow automation and beyond.

Avatar Systems has a variety of software applications for imaging, accounting, land management, and more.  Avatar’s cloud service lets you access data and third-party applications from anywhere where there is an internet connection.

OGsys is accounting software for the Oil & Gas industry that is both intuitive and powerful. This includes OGdash, giving an at-a-glance snapshot of the entire company, OGsql, a suite of accounting and land management apps, and OGpro, which allows for rapid collaboration via the cloud.

Schlumberger is a global leader in software applications that cover everything from seismic, drilling, characterization, production, and support.  They are often recognized for groundbreaking offshore technologies that set benchmarks in the industry.

WolfePak Software provides comprehensive applications for first purchasers, service companies, operators, and investors need to keep operations going smoothly. Add-on modules include alerts, invoicing, payroll, and production.

NOYNIM provides top-tier IT Consulting Denver Oil & Gas companies depend on. Talk to us today about upgrading and/or streamlining your IT services today.

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