Ensuring Your Managed IT Services Provider Can Handle the Growth

When a small business becomes a medium-sized business, the owners must ensure their managed IT services provider can keep up. Regardless of whether the company is making more money or hiring more employees—or both!—its needs will inevitably change as the operations evolve. 

Thankfully, there are several highly effective strategies for both maximizing current capacity and laying the technological groundwork to accommodate future growth. Read on to learn about some of the most important ways to scale up IT infrastructure: 

1. Take Advantage of Collaborative Tools

As more people come on board, sharing files becomes a hassle. Not everyone has access to everything, and communication issues start cropping up. As such, it’s wise for medium-sized businesses to start using tools that facilitate transparency, like shared libraries. These platforms make it easy for multiple people across multiple departments to collaborate on single projects, so nothing falls through the cracks.

2. Implement Cybersecurity Protocols

As networks get larger, they inevitably become more exposed to cybersecurity threats, but only if they’re not managed properly. Every business should take reasonable measures to mitigate the risk of breaches, especially when they’re expanding operations. And since threats are ever-evolving, it’s also imperative to add regular assessments to the docket. The entire network should be evaluated periodically to mitigate security vulnerabilities.


3. Invest in Digital Storage

A company’s digital storage needs are directly related to its size. Put another way, as a business expands, so does the amount of data it needs to preserve and store. As such, every scalability strategy should include cloud-based storage and—for maximum protection—automatic backups. In the event of a system crash or security breach, these storage systems will be invaluable. 

4. Create Standard Operating Procedures for All IT Operations

When the IT network of a growing business is compromised, who’s responsible for fixing it? What about software updates? Do team members install programs themselves? When should employees call their Denver IT services provider, and when should they try to fix glitches themselves?

By creating standard operating procedures, growing businesses can ensure there’s always a way forward, no matter what happens.

NOYNIM IT Solutions Can Support Your Growing Business

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