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The Benefits of Cloud Computing When Working From Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused companies across the world to push their business operations outside the office. As working from home has become the status quo, companies are having to ad hoc their “work from home” policies, while still trying to maintain productivity and effectiveness.

As much as this sudden shift has disrupted businesses, it has also opened the door to the untapped potential of cloud computing. Many employees and employers will never look at a workday the same once this pandemic is controlled, and normal business operations are clear to progress. The benefits of cloud computing will forever revolutionize how the modern business runs — and it’s about time.

Mobile-Friendly Environments

Today, the smartphone is arguably the most important tool. This pocket-sized device is capable of doing almost anything in the digital world. Smartphones allow employees to be mobile and on the move, while still accomplishing what needs to get done. With cloud computing, businesses can still function even when employees are away from their computer screen — all they need to do is unlock their iPhone. This helps improve productivity and save time in both the short and long-term.

Storage, Storage, Storage

With cloud computing, businesses no longer need to worry about not having enough space to store their files, documents, and more. Cloud storage doesn’t limit the storage space at the disposal of a company that is an issue with onside servers and hardware. Additionally, businesses receive a greater degree of security and reduced maintenance — which is important when teams are working from their own home networks.

Customizable Scalability

One of the biggest attractions with cloud computing involves the ability of your business needs to be adjusted on the fly. The cloud enables you to filter the needs of your employees on a tight schedule — delivering more bandwidth capabilities, greater program access, and more. Maybe as your business navigates this work from home culture, you aren’t operating at full capacity, or maybe you are stretched too thin… with cloud computing, you are able to scale your business needs quickly and efficiently for your workforce.

Flexibility & Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is one of the top reasons employees leave a company. Cloud computing gives employees the autonomy and flexibility to do their work from nearly anywhere. With the ability to access their database and programs with an internet connection, employees are able to successfully fulfill their job duties without being tied to an in-office cubicle. The addition of this freedom without the sacrifice of productivity keeps both employees and employers happy.

Preparing For The Future

Nearly 30 million Americans have been put out of work due to COVID-19. Obviously, not all of these jobs can be done via cloud computing, but a sizable portion of individuals out of work is due to their businesses not being ready for the remote working environment. It is fair to say that future pandemics or natural disasters may force large portions of Americans to be displaced from their place of work. If businesses buy into cloud computing now, they are set up to make the switch to a 100 percent work from home program if necessary.

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