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The Benefits Of Custom Software Development

Have you decided that off-the-shelf software just isn’t cutting it for your company’s IT needs? Your best option then is using custom software specifically developed to match your organization’s unique processes and structures.

Custom software development can be done by your in-house IT-team or by an IT solutions company.

  • By eliminating unnecessary, unwanted and potentially time-consuming IT processes, the customized software increases your company’s levels of efficiency and productivity.
  • The increased efficiency and productivity translates into increased profits which soon offset the higher cost of procuring custom software.
  • Employee morale is lifted as they are more satisfied with the IT tools they are given to work with. Custom software has streamlined what is required for them to do and so they become more effective at getting their jobs done.
  • Off-the-shelf software is initially much cheaper than software customized for your company. It does not, however, take into consideration the specific ways in which you may need to protect company data. Custom software can ensure that your system is not vulnerable to hackers from outside or from within the company.

Whereas off-the-shelf software is available for use by any and everyone, custom software is designed for your company alone. It is not packaged for resale as it is tailored to meet your company’s specific needs. Your company’s branding, IT infrastructure and architecture, as well as methods of implementation and maintenance, weigh heavily on the software’s development.

Regardless of whether you are a small, medium or large entity, you must do your due diligence when selecting a firm to develop your custom software. There are a plethora of IT service providers who will claim they are able to fill your request. Not all IT firms can, however, anticipate and handle the unforeseen yet necessary changes that often arise when customizing software.

The service provider’s bid (and your budget) should be flexible enough to take into account the fact that quite often there will be previously unidentified IT needs which result in added costs.

To minimize these extra costs, go with an IT solutions company that is experienced in creating custom software and knows how to conduct a thorough initial assessment of your needs. Get references from organizations they have worked for in the past and do your own research into their track record.


The use of custom software can be a boon to your company if you select the right developer. This outsourced partner will continue to a valuable asset to your business long after deployment of the custom software within your organization.


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