Understanding the Connection Between IT Compliance & Cybersecurity

Most businesses utilize cybersecurity services with the intention of protecting sensitive data. Unfortunately, when considering what kinds of measures to put in place, they often overlook IT compliance. The simple fact that they possess sensitive data, however, means they should include a compliance component to their cybersecurity strategy. 

Put another way, compliance is rarely optional in the modern world, regardless of the organization’s industry. Thankfully, with the right cybersecurity protocols in place, a business can ensure they comply with all applicable regulations while mitigating the threats they fear most. 

What Kinds of Businesses Need to Consider IT Compliance?

Generally speaking, whether a business needs to comply with certain IT regulations has more to do with the type of data they work with and the ways in which they conduct operations, rather than the products or services they sell. There are also industry-specific regulations, however, that apply to all operations within a given field.

Some of the most common compliance requirements include:

While each of these frameworks is unique, they all include best practices or guidelines that organizations within a certain industry, country, or geographic region are expected to follow. It’s important to note that some regulations, like those handed down from the Center for Internet Security (CIS Compliance), take things a step further and include detailed parameters for a system’s actual configuration. 

How Do You Ensure IT Compliance?

Large corporations typically rely on their internal departments to ensure IT compliance. Small to mid-sized businesses, on the other hand, are often left to abide by all relevant regulations on their own–unless they take advantage of outsourced cybersecurity services. 

With help from the right provider, companies that don’t have the resources to maintain an IT department in-house can still comply with the frameworks that apply to them. In fact, turning to seasoned experts is arguably the easiest way to ensure compliance. Managed service providers (MSPs) understand that cybersecurity and compliance go hand-in-hand, and they know how to devise and implement protocols that address both. 

By partnering with an MSP, businesses can take a strategic approach to achieving & maintaining compliance. The engineers assigned to them will start by evaluating their systems and networks from all angles. Then, they’ll identify potential issues and oversights based on the regulations that apply. Finally, they’ll propose practical solutions for addressing them, so everyone’s data is safe, hackers are deterred, and the company doesn’t face potential fines or other penalties for failing to comply. 

Turn to NOYNIM IT Solutions for Help Ensuring Compliance

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