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Unemployment in the U.S.

Unemployment in the U.S. has hit staggering numbers.  If you look at the real unemployment numbers you will see that they are much higher than the government advertised numbers.  Ben Bernanke on 60 minutes this month reported that individuals with college degrees have are 5% unemployment while individuals with only a high school education have a 10% unemployment rate.  As you can see it is very important to get a bachelor degree; especially with a struggling economy.  Here at NOYNIM we pride ourselves in education; in fact we have individuals with graduate degrees where most Denver Computer Service’s organizations only have high school graduates.  While most IT experience can be gained on the job it is very important to have formal education.  We have noticed this helps in: presentation, communication and being well rounded.  Today it is so important to be a renaissance man; have skills in multiple areas and disciplines. 

As a leader in Computer Services to small and mid-sized companies we run into all kinds of situation.  Last week one of our engineers found a faulty ground wire in an electrical circuit which caused a server fault.  We are not electricians but these skilled impressed our customer that we can track down root issues; even if it’s outside the scope of our work.  Another example that we often find is bad low voltage cabling.  There are so many times when people rush on the job and miswire cable runs.

In order to succeed in today’s economy and future economies one must be knowledgeable and well rounded.  Having a high school degree is not going to cut it today or in the future.  Individuals have to realize that they need to step up and get a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.  Please contact us at careers@noynim.com for opportunities in the IT field.


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