7 Cloud Computing Services that Will Fuel Your Growth 

You have heard the term “put it in the cloud” but what are cloud computing services? The term cloud computing represents the on-demand availability of computer system resources.  The cloud refers to a system of servers accessed over the internet. 

Cloud servers are located in global data centers. Because of this, cloud users do not have to manage physical servers themselves. They also do not have to run software applications on their own devices. They can rely on the network of cloud servers to act as their native software. 

Cloud computing is a must for business owners looking to scale their efforts. Running off of the cloud means you put critical data at your fingertips. You also experience on-demand connection with your teammates. Your team members can instantly connect from anywhere in the world. 

Cloud computing

Designing the ideal cloud computing environment is sure to take your business to the next level. However, configuring and managing the cloud can be complex. At NOYNIM IT Solutions, our certified experts are available to configure and manage the ideal cloud computing environment for your organization.  

We will assess your current landscape and recommend cloud solutions that promote flexibility and connectivity in your workplace. Here are 7 common cloud computing services that we often recommend to our clients:  

Microsoft & Office 365 Solutions  

As a leading and reputable brand, Microsoft is constantly innovating. Microsoft’s cloud services are unparalleled when it comes to future-proofing your business. When you choose Office 365, you claim peace of mind in knowing your business can achieve increased productivity and security. You also gain a competitive advantage by leveraging Microsoft’s superior technology to optimize team performance 

Office 365 offers cloud-based services designed to maximize productivity for businesses of any size or industry. Expect efficient and secure collaboration that supports your team with working smarter, not harder. We are here to help you determine, implement, and manage the ideal Office 365 environment for your organization. 

Microsoft Teams Collaboration  

Whether your team is remote or working onsite, Microsoft Teams is the ideal solution for real time collaboration. Team members are connected through a central channel that allows them to:  

  • Chat 
  • Video conference 
  • Call 
  • Host online meetings 
  • Assign tasks 
  • File documents 
  • Create live documents 

Microsoft Teams is the premier solution for modern companies to leverage on-demand communication and productivity tools. Overall, Microsoft Teams is an intuitive and all-encompassing service.   

Microsoft & Office 365 Support   

Today’s modern workforce relies on Microsoft Office applications such as Outlook, Word, and Excel to communicate and collaborate. As the need for remote work solutions evolves, Office applications have adapted alongside it to facilitate cloud-based collaboration. Familiar applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook are now modernized to function within the cloud instead of just the native desktop environment.   

Currently, Microsoft’s collaborative platform of Office applications will facilitate work wherever it happens. Formerly known as Office 365, the suite of applications was rebranded and is now known as Microsoft 365.  

Our team of Microsoft certified experts offer Microsoft Office 365 support and maintenance. We are trained to implement and manage this cloud-based subscription suite for your organization. We also manage the suite and are available to troubleshoot any issues you and your team may encounter.   

Office 365 Backup & Recovery  

The constantly evolving threat of data loss is one of the largest and most valid concerns for any business owner. From client records to trade secrets, you cannot afford to lose critical company data. To remediate these threats, Microsoft stores your information in the cloud in a secure, redundant, and encrypted manner.  

Office 365 backup solutions allow for the automatic and systematic backup of your critical data. Our team will assess and determine the most effective Microsoft 365 backup solutions for your organization. With our strategic solutions, you will gain peace of mind knowing that your critical data can be recovered. Whether you experience data loss due to an intentional hack or accidental deletion, your data can be restored.  

Data Backup Solutions  

The importance of data backup and retention is paramount for any business. Yet, understanding where and how to store your organization’s critical information can be overwhelming. At NOYNIM, we are experts in this field. We offer data backup solutions that account for many different scenarios with our on-premises and cloud-based back-up services.   

As a business owner, you know that life is unpredictable. While one cannot predict the future, our team can help ensure that your critical data remains protected from unforeseeable events. In addition to our data backup solutions, we offer business continuity planning, and disaster recovery. Your business will possess a complete strategic backup plan that safeguards your data against malicious activities, accidental deletion, and unexpected threats.  

Cloud Computing Services  

Cloud Computing typically refers to on-demand computing services that are accessible via the internet. Rather than maintaining your own computing infrastructure, businesses can access a host of resources via their preferred cloud service provider.  

There are many advantages for why businesses may choose to utilize cloud-based services within their environment. Important benefits include avoiding the upfront cost of owning and maintaining expensive infrastructure and allowing for scalability of resources.  

Cloud computing is an ever-evolving field that both large and small businesses are heavily dependent on. At NOYNIM, we can help your business navigate the complexity of cloud computing. We assist with the implementation and management of your preferred cloud-based solutions.   

Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)   

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a cloud service that offers flexibility for your hardware options. As opposed to buying your own infrastructure, IaaS allows you to rent or lease IT servers, virtual machines, storage, networks, and operating systems. This allows you to try modern technologies without the risk of ownership and its associated risks.   

The premier IaaS offering is Microsoft Azure. Azure is a scalable and secure cloud infrastructure. This platform can run all or parts of your company’s computing operations virtually – including storage, databases, servers, analytics, networking, and more.  

Seamlessly build, run, and manage applications across multiple clouds with the tools and frameworks of your choice. Our team is here to implement this powerful cloud computing option and offer Azure support.  

NOYNIM IT Solutions 

While cloud computing services are a huge advantage to your business, they are complex to implement and manage. At NOYNIM IT Solutions, our certified experts are here to help your business scale through world-class cloud solutions. 

NOYNIM is based in Denver, Colorado providing a wide range of managed IT services to small and mid-sized businesses across the United States. NOYNIM was founded on the belief that all businesses, regardless of size, deserve affordable enterprise-grade IT solutions. Our goal is to perpetuate the growth of our clients. We help them avoid the large overhead costs often associated with employing in-house IT staff.  

Founded in 2004, we have a proven track record of delivering long-term proactive IT solutions that empower companies to scale. We partner with our clients to align their business goals with world-class technological solutions.  We service businesses in many diverse industries.  

Our team has experience managing a wide range of IT environments. From IT for small businesses with a few computers to complex large corporations with network security operations containing over 85,000 nodes, we offer custom IT solutions that align with your business goals. We even have experience managing “three-letter” government agencies. NOYNIM aims to offer a comprehensive brand of Managed IT Services that is tailored to the unique needs of your organization.    

Our clients experience friendly interactions, superior response times, and reliable service from our expert-level certified team of engineers. We understand that outsourcing your IT is a big decision. That is why we focus on establishing a highly personalized, responsive & collaborative partnership. Together, we create an IT strategy that fuels your business goals with an emphasis on keeping your network secure. 


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