Your Guide to Relevant Cybersecurity Services that Protect Your Business from Increasingly Sophisticated Cyberthreats 

We are currently living through a historic cybersecurity epidemic. In the same way that scientists warned us about the possibility of a global pandemic ahead of COVID-19, cyber experts are sounding the alarm on cybersecurity. Business leaders must have a proactive plan in place for when (not if) a cyberattack strikes.  

Cyber Ventures is the leading researcher on the global cyber economy, and they report that in 2021 a business will fall victim to a ransomware attack every 11 seconds. This year, we have already witnessed disastrous hacks on major companies like JBSColonial Pipeline and most recently Kaseya.   

The problem is that there is no silver bullet to protect your business from all cyberthreats. At NOYNIM IT Solutions, we recommend a layered approach to safeguard your business. We understand that cyberattacks are an inevitable threat. That is why we recommend leveraging multiple services to build-up a strong, modern defense for your business. 

Every company & IT environment is unique. We tailor our cybersecurity solutions to fit your individual needs. As a general overview, here are the most popular cybersecurity services we provide to our clients:   

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Cyber Awareness Training 

Employee education is by far the most effective strategy when preventing cybersecurity attacks within your organization. While often disregarded, an effective cybersecurity training program is vital to your company’s overall IT cybersecurity strategy. To increase user knowledge, we offer a large variety of interactive video modules that help educate your users to identify deceptive characteristics.  

Phishing Attack Simulations 

With phishing attacks on the rise, it is important that your employees remain informed of the latest techniques used by hackers to infiltrate IT environments. More importantly, it is critical that users learn to identify red flags; that way, they can react according to modern best practices and prevent hackers from gaining access to your most critical systems. 

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Email Security & Encryption 

Most business leaders agree email is the most important component of their IT environment. Email also happens to be the most popular vehicle for hackers to distribute malware. Business-grade email security is critical to mitigate email threats from arriving in your team’s inbox. Email Encryption also ensures that only the intended trusted recipient can view the email and its attached content. 

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR, Next-Generation Anti-Virus) 

EDR is a highly effective, modern endpoint security service. An EDR solution is designed to mitigate modern threats and offers additional AI to prevent ransomware attacks from making its way into your businesses’ network file shares.  Given the growing complexity of endpoint security in our ever-evolving remote work force, more robust antivirus/endpoint security is a requirement for any IT environment.  

Cloud DNS Web Filtering   

Cloud DNS web filtering is a solution utilized to block access to malicious websites, suspicious IP addresses and NSFW content from your network devices no matter where they’re located. This process ensures that user access to the web is always monitored and controlled according to predetermined security policies no matter where they’re physically located. 

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) 

A Business Continuity Plan is crucial playbook for when your business experiences a disaster. A BCP refers to your organization’s critical response strategy. BCPs help restore integral business systems and facilitate operational recovery during an unexpected disaster. These events can range from service outages and natural disasters to system-crippling cyberattacks. 

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) 

Multi-Factor Authentication reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your critical systems. MFA requires users to provide at least two factors of authentication to prove their identity. This strategy translates into a multi-layered defense mechanism. Even if one authentication factor was to be compromised, the attacker is challenged with yet an additional barrier. 

Security Patching & Management   

Security Patching is a critical service that actively scans your network environment in search of systems with missing security patches & updates. Unpatched devices are highly vulnerable to exploits thus making prompt patching vital to your organization’s security. 

NOYNIM IT Solutions

Cybersecurity services vary in scope depending on client requirements. The best security strategy for your business will leverage all relevant services to create a multi-layered defense against attacks. At NOYNIM IT Solutions, we help you identify which services are necessary to adhere to your businesses’ IT security requirements, and then also implement and manage your cybersecurity defense stack. 

To learn more, we encourage you to read our post Should Your Company Consider Managed Cybersecurity Services? In short, engaging with a managed cybersecurity provider is a wise investment for savvy business leaders. At NOYNIM IT Solutions, our staff is comprised of seasoned IT professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines.   

We recruit IT engineers with strong technical expertise, many of whom were previously employed at Fortune 500 companies. Our team has experience managing a wide range of IT environments. From IT for small businesses to complex large corporations, we offer custom IT solutions that align with your business goals. We also provide cybersecurity program development for business.   

Our clients experience friendly interactions, deep expertise, superior response times, and reliable service from our expert-level certified team of engineers. We understand that outsourcing your IT is a big decision. That is why we focus on establishing a highly personalized, responsive & collaborative partnership. Together, we create an IT strategy that fuels your business goals with an emphasis on keeping your network secure. 


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