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When Outsourcing IT Consulting Services Denver Ask These 5 Questions First


Outsourcing for information technology services is a very advantageous move for a business. No matter its size or the sector it is in, any business can reap a host of benefit if it is able to find the partner for its IT consulting services. Denver has many IT companies for you to choose form so you will need to choose wisely.

Here are five questions you should ask about the service provider when outsourcing IT services.

Ask The IT Consulting Services (Denver) Firm:

1. Does the vendor have experience in your industry? Vendors who specialize in or have worked in your industry will better understand the processes you must follow and the challenges you face.
2. How established is the vendor? Ask for a list of past clients and find out what their experience with the vendor was like. Ask for a tour of the vendor’s facility to inspect the infrastructure and get a feel of the culture of their organization
3. How will your account be managed? It is crucial that you know
• the nature of their account management process
• if an individual will be assigned to handle your day–to–day functions
• if a meeting can be arranged for you to get to know the members of the outsourced team including your future account manager
• how often you will be updated on the project’s progress
4. What level of data security does the vendor have in place? You will be allowing the outsourced partner access to sensitive data. It is imperative that you verify beforehand that they have systems in place to secure and protect whatever information you allow them access to. Ask about their security resources, firewall, recovery plan, and the level of qualification and experience of their staff.
5. What is their pricing structure? Avoid having to haggle over the bill at the end of the project. Find out up front how the provider prices its services. Get this in writing with a clear statement of what is included and what is exempt. This will eliminate any hidden fees being added at the end. Also, find out how the fees will be adjusted if your need for the services increase or decrease.

The benefits of outsourcing are many but as any experience and well established IT consulting services Denver-based firm will tell you, it take a little legwork on your part. Research the different vendors and shortlist them based on your findings. Get to know a few of them and base your decision on their suitability, dependability and track record. With careful planning and by asking the right questions of your prospective partner, you can select an IT services provider that will positively contribute to the growth of your company.


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