3 Benefits of Cloud Computing  

In today’s modern age, cloud solutions provide the ideal environment for mobility and security in the workplace. There has never been a better time to embrace the power of cloud computing.  

Companies that implement a cloud strategy gain a powerful competitive edge. Effective cloud computing services provide reliable & resilient infrastructure that can future proof your organization.  

“The cloud” represents the on-demand availability of computer system resources. It is an important piece of technology that offers flexibility, data recovery, and a higher level of security.  

It is important to note that cloud computing is already a mainstream technology. According to the global research firm, 451 research, more than 90% of businesses utilize, or are expected to utilize a cloud environment in the near future. 

Small and mid-sized businesses alike turn to the cloud for optimal data storage, recovery, collaboration, security, and more. Cloud computing has proven its efficiency with maximizing business efforts and operations by putting critical data at your fingertips.  

Let us dig deeper into the top three benefits of cloud computing.  

Cloud computing


Cybersecurity is a huge issue facing modern business owners. With the increased rise in ransomware, native hard drives and servers are vulnerable to devastating malware attacks. Businesses of all sizes are targets for cybercriminals and their strategies to hack into your IT environment are highly sophisticated.  

One major benefit of cloud computing is the increased level of security. When your critical data is saved in the “cloud,” it is stored on a “third-party” server. Reputable cloud service providers take several security measures to protect your information. When you choose a quality cloud service provider, make sure that they take the following precautions:  

  • Data Encryption  
  • Routine Maintenance, which includes security updates & patches   
  • Firewalling  
  • Third-party IT Security Penetration Testing & Simulations  

When you entrust your data to an enterprise-grade cloud service provider, you gain peace of mind knowing that your data is secure. However, utilizing cloud services does not make you exempt from implementing a Business Continuity Plan.  


For most modern organizations, the days of brainstorming in a conference room are likely heading towards extinction. Instead, remote teams must rely on virtual collaboration, by utilizing cloud solutions.  

Microsoft Teams is a great example of a cloud solution that contains the functionality to replace the traditional in-person collaboration methods. It is the ideal solution for on-demand, highly available collaboration. Team members are connected through a centralized team or channel that allows them to:   

  • Chat  
  • Video conference  
  • Call  
  • Host online meetings  
  • Assign tasks  
  • Share documents & files 
  • Create live documents   

Other examples of cloud-based collaboration solutions are Google Docs, Asana, Trello, etc. No matter the solution selected for your business you should be able to connect on demand with your teammates. 


In our unpredictable economy, uptime is key to scaling your business. Implementing cloud solutions can positively impact productivity and overall performance. It is the key for any business requiring 99.99% access to their shared network resources.  

The cloud provides the ability & functionality to scale your IT infrastructure on demand. Whether you want to scale up or down, cloud computing allows you to instantly pivot. You also experience more freedom as you are not tied down to an on-premises infrastructure that is less reliable & expensive to maintain. 

While the cloud is relatively simple to utilize from the end-user experience, the cloud implementation & configuration can be complicated. Cloud implementation projects are complex and require a level of skill, expertise, and planning to properly execute. Hiring an IT consulting firm to assist you with outsourced cloud services is highly advisable. 

To learn more about the different types of cloud computing solutions, please feel free to visit our other recent blogs on this topic.  

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