10 Benefits of Partnering Your In-House IT Team with an Outsourced Managed IT Service Provider  

The term Co-Managed IT Services refers to providing supplemental technological services to businesses that already have internal IT staff. To better understand what Co-Managed Services are, we encourage you to read our recent post What are Co-Managed IT Services? 

Now that you understand what Co-Managed Services are, let’s explore why they are important. Here are our top 10 reasons why Co-Managed IT Services are important: 

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1. Staffing Resources  

A common pain point for business owners is managing their IT personnel. When your IT staff is out sick, you’ll quickly understand that it takes a team to support & manage your businesses’ IT network efficiently. A major benefit of Co-Managed IT Services is the additional “hands on deck” when needed.  

2. Cost Effective  

No matter what business you are in, a cost-effective IT support program is crucial. A Co-Managed IT service will offer you the flexibility to bring on additional support when you need it most, and you’ll only pay for services delivered. 

3. Technical Expertise  

IT is a complex landscape that grows more challenging by the minute. It is impossible for any single person to know everything.  A Co-Managed service can provide access to certified experts who are equipped to handle the most complicated IT challenges. 

4. Security, Backups & Disaster Recovery 

As cybersecurity threats grow increasingly more sophisticated, protecting your IT environment can be complex undertaking in itself. A Co-Managed IT service will work with your internal IT team to:  

  • Mitigate network vulnerabilities 
  • Proactively monitor your IT environment 
  • Ensure your Backup & Disaster Recovery solution adheres to your business requirements 
  • Disaster Recovery simulations  
  • Implement a Business Continuity Plan.   

5. Special Projects 

Do you have a special project you want to tackle that your IT team just can’t handle? A Co-Managed IT service will assist in executing complex & specialized IT projects. Co-Managed IT solutions also can offer end to end IT services from end user support to a complete network redesign.  

6. Productivity & Efficiency  

Imagine what your business could achieve if technical issues were handled quickly and more efficiently. Co-Managed IT solutions give your team members the support they need to get back to work.  

7. Compliance & Security  

Businesses in specialized industries are often required to maintain regulatory compliance. These regulations change frequently which require the expertise and resources of professionals to execute properly. A Co-Managed IT service will advise and execute on these special regulations to keep your company fully compliant.   

8. Additional Bandwidth  

Most in-house IT staff are bombarded with daily tickets and end-user emergencies. They often do not have enough hours in the day to address all the issues a modern organization faces. Co-Managed IT services can instantly take the pressure off your overworked team.   

9. IT Strategy  

An IT infrastructure is only as strong as its strategy. With two teams working alongside each other, there is collaboration on critical components of your business. Together, the two teams will develop a personalized plan of services with solutions to meet your specific goals.   

10. 24/7 Helpdesk  

A quality Co-Managed IT service will offer a 24/7 helpdesk. Call anytime, day or night. Rely on an experienced IT support team to assist you with resolving all your technical matters, regardless of time or complexity.  

NOYNIM IT Solutions 

At NOYNIM, we offer comprehensive & completely customizable Co-Managed IT Services. Imagine having: 

  • Less downtime 
  • Increased employee productivity 
  • Fewer surprise expenses 
  • A feeling of clarity & understanding when it comes to your IT needs & requirements 

We are an IT consulting company that values education, relevant work experience and strong customer service skills. Our team is composed of specialists who have obtained degrees in Computer Science, Cybersecurity, and Network Engineering. We offer services to just about every industry including manufacturing, legal, education, finance, government, non-profit, oil & gas, and healthcare. 

NOYNIM was founded on the belief that all businesses deserve the same centralized support capabilities as large corporations, but at a fraction of the cost. Our goal is to perpetuate the growth of our clients. We help to avoid the large overhead costs often associated with employing in-house IT staff. 

NOYNIM’s staff are leaders in the technology space. Our team has gold-standard and expert-level certifications with leaders in the technology space such as Microsoft, Cisco, Fortinet, VMware, and others. We act as innovation advisors to help you carve out a competitive advantage within your industry. 

Our consultants help you bridge the gap between ambitious business goals and the technology strategies that will help you get there. We are proud to be among the best IT consulting firms in the nation. 


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