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Why is IT Consulting Important?

IT consulting companies can help your business scale and outperform the competition. A professional IT consulting company generally staffs a team of experts & IT professionals who can design, implement and manage an effective IT strategy that can take your organization to the next level. An “effective IT strategy” means your network is secure, your software is up to date, you have a disaster recovery plan, your hardware is current, issues are resolved without disruption, your business is fully compliant, and you rarely have downtime.

For many small business leaders, this could sound like a pipe dream. It seems that as technology evolves so does our tolerance for the issues that come with it. The truth is if your business struggles with any range of issues from employee productivity to risk mitigation, an effective IT strategy could drastically level-up your business. IT can be the single most powerful solution to conquer your company’s obstacles.

While IT consultants can work independently, IT is too complex of an industry for any single person to master everything. Hiring an IT consulting company is the best way to receive full-scale IT support since their consultants work together as a team. Quality IT consulting companies can have anywhere from 5-100 consultants on staff. These professionals have gone through rigorous training, certifications, and higher education to offer informed solutions for your IT strategy.

When you consider how quickly technology is evolving, the idea of having a team of IT experts on your side becomes critical. As Forbes points out, “New digital trends pave the way for a rise in society’s expectations, and things that seemed impossible just a decade ago are now taken for granted. Having witnessed virtual reality, enhanced 5G connectivity, and even drones integrate seamlessly into society, it begs the question of when – not if – the next breakthrough is coming.” Every industry will be impacted by the development of technology.

Take healthcare for example. COVID19 forced doctors to switch from in-office to telehealth visits. As you can imagine, doctors were already overwhelmed with the announcement of a global pandemic. The phones rang off the hook with patients who needed immediate appointments and answers. Yet, right at the time patients needed medical attention most, medical workers were also burdened by the urgent need to adopt a new technology.

Before COVID19, state and federal barriers served as roadblocks to launch the full potential of telehealth visits. In fact, Medical Economics reports that “many doctors saw their livelihoods threatened as in-office appointment cancellations piled up … 77% of doctors surveyed used telehealth for the first time because of Healthcare IT services IT consulting companies IT consulting company Best IT consulting firmCOVID19.” Suddenly, regulations shifted to allow telehealth appointments. Healthcare IT services were a lifeline for doctors who needed to understand the new regulations, source appropriate devices, and implement the right software in a timely manner.

Put yourself in their shoes. If there is an unforeseen event that forces your hand in embracing a new technology tomorrow, are you ready? The doctor who was already engaged with the best IT consulting firm in his area is the one who could give excellent patient care in a time of crisis without missing a beat. The instance of doctors switching to telehealth is a prime example of how critical it is to have an IT consulting company on your side. (For more information about healthcare IT services, click here)

NOYNIM IT Solutions

At NOYNIM, our IT Consulting services provide you all the support you need to understand and leverage a powerful IT strategy. Imagine having less downtime, increased employee productivity, fewer surprise expenses, and a feeling of control when it comes to your IT needs.

We are an IT consulting company that values education, relevant work experience and strong customer service skills in our staff. Our team is composed of specialists who have obtained degrees in Computer Science, Cybersecurity, and Network Engineering. We offer manufacturing, legal, education, finance, government, non-profit, oil and gas, and healthcare IT services.

NOYNIM consultants are leaders in the technology space. Our team has gold-standard and expert-level certifications in Microsoft, Cisco, Fortinet, VMware, and others. We act as innovation advisors to help you carve out a competitive advantage within your industry. Our consultants help you bridge the gap between ambitious business goals and the technology strategies that will help you get there.


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