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Why are IT Consulting Companies Important?

Maybe you have heard of IT consulting companies. What do you imagine when you think of one? If you envision a group of computer geeks, you aren’t completely off-base. In our recent blog post, we help you understand what an IT consulting firm is and who IT consultants are.

Now that you understand what IT consulting is, let’s explore why managed IT services are so important. The main role of IT consulting companies is to help your business scale and outperform the competition.

A quality IT consulting company generally staffs a team of experts & IT professionals. who can design, implement and manage an effective IT solution that will take your business strategy to the next level. An “effective IT solution” means the team will procure the necessary hardware and software to ensure:

  • Your network is secure
  • Your software is up to date
  • You have a disaster recovery plan
  • Your hardware is current
  • Issues are resolved without disruption
  • Your business is fully compliant
  • You rarely have downtime

For many small business leaders, this could sound like a pipe dream. It seems that as technology evolves so does our tolerance for the issues that come with it. The truth is, you shouldn’t have to struggle with problems related to your IT. From risk mitigation to increasing employee productivity, an effective IT strategy could drastically level-up your business.

While IT consultants can work independently, IT is too complex of an industry for any single person to master everything. Hiring an IT consulting company is the best way to receive full-scale IT support since their consultants work together as a team. Quality IT consulting companies can have anywhere from 5-100 consultants on staff. These professionals have gone through rigorous training, certifications, and higher education to offer informed solutions for your IT strategy.

Managed IT Services & The Future of Tech

When you consider how quickly technology is evolving, the idea of having a team of IT experts on your side becomes critical. As Forbes points out, “New digital trends pave the way for a rise in society’s expectations, and things that seemed impossible just a decade ago are now taken for granted. Having witnessed virtual reality, enhanced 5G connectivity, and even drones integrate seamlessly into society, it begs the question of when – not if – the next breakthrough is coming.” Have you noticed shifts toward technology in your industry?

If you are an educator then you experienced a major shift to technology in 2020. Suddenly students are attending class in the comfort of their home through smart devices. Workers in the construction industry came into the modern age with advancements in cloud computing and AI.

People in finance are experiencing an unprecedented number of online banking. According to a national survey, 65% of Americans relied solely on online banking in 2020. The bottom line is that every industry will be impacted by the development of technology. The question is when not if you will be faced with a complex IT challenge.

Managed IT Services for Healthcare Industry

Let’s take a closer look at the healthcare industry as an example. COVID19 forced doctors to switch from in-office to telehealth (virtual) patient visits. As you can imagine, doctors were already overwhelmed with the announcement of a global pandemic.

The phones rang off the hook with patients who needed immediate appointments and answers. Yet, right at the time patients needed medical attention most, medical workers were burdened by the urgent need to adopt a new technology known as telehealth.