Discover the Impact Managed Cybersecurity Services Can Have on an Organization’s Maturity  

Cybersecurity is one of the most important pillars of any IT strategy. Many business leaders attempt to cut costs by implementing the bare minimum when it comes to cybersecurity solutions. However, this oversight could cost companies a serious sum of money and priceless respect from peers, vendors & customers. This article aims to educate business leaders on the importance of cybersecurity services for an organization’s ability to survive and scale.  


What Exactly is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity represents the process of securing IT networks, devices, systems, applications, and data from the unauthorized. Modern cybersecurity solutions can include application security, cloud security, physical security, data security, end-user education, and more. To achieve the best cybersecurity posture possible, a modern strategy should contain multiple solutions. 

Why is Cybersecurity Important? 

The importance of cybersecurity can be likened to the concept of home security. A home contains valuable information and property that criminals might try to invade or steal. To ensure intruders cannot gain access to a home, there are layers of security. A homeowner might lock their door and turn on their home security system to both prevent a break-in and be able to monitor in the event of a break-in. 

Cybersecurity is like home security in that technology “houses” personal information and sensitive data. While there is no silver bullet to prevent cybercriminals from trying to gain access to a system, there are various services that can deter, detect, and monitor activity for prevention. To keep cybercriminals out, an organization needs to layer different managed IT security services. 

What are Managed Cybersecurity Services? 

The term Managed Cybersecurity Services refers to the outsourcing of an organization’s security services to a third-party IT security provider. These services can range from monitoring to management of systems. Below are four examples of popular Managed Cybersecurity Services: 

Email Security & Encryption

Most business leaders agree email is the most vital component of their IT environment. Email also happens to be the most popular vehicle for hackers to distribute malware. Business-grade email security is critical to mitigate email threats from arriving in a team’s inbox. Email Encryption also ensures that only the intended trusted recipient can view the email and its attached content. 

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Services

In most cases, a cybercriminal preys on human error to perform an attack. They will entice a user to click a link or download an attachment that can compromise a system.  The best way to protect a company from this type of attack is training. Some managed cybersecurity service providers will offer a library of interactive videos that educate staff on how to spot and avoid a cyberattack before it is too late.  

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR, Next-Generation Anti-Virus)

EDR is a highly effective, modern endpoint security service. An EDR solution is designed to mitigate modern threats and offers additional AI to prevent ransomware attacks from making its way into an organization’s network file shares. Given the growing complexity of endpoint security in the ever-evolving remote work force, more robust antivirus/endpoint security is a requirement for any IT environment.  

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) refers to an organization’s critical response strategy. BCPs help restore integral business systems and facilitate operational recovery during an unexpected disaster. These events can range from service outages and natural disasters to system-crippling cyberattacks. A BCP provides a crucial playbook for when a business experiences disaster. 

What are the Benefits of Managed IT Security Services?

Working with a cybersecurity managed service provider to implement the appropriate combination of cybersecurity services can lead to the following benefits: 

Potentially Saves an Organization from Costly Breaches

Every business leader understands that costs need to stay in check. For this reason, it might be tempting to put off investing in a cybersecurity plan. However, the risk of an attack is almost inevitable. When (not ‘if’) a business encounters a cyberattack, they need to be prepared. 

Access to Custom Cybersecurity Tools & Industry Experts

Working with a Managed Cybersecurity Service Provider gives an organization access to world class security solutions. From email encryption to endpoint protection, critical data can be kept safe from prying eyes. Additionally, an organization will gain a team of certified security experts to implement cybersecurity monitoring services. 

Automatic Security Updates 

Software and system updates are a pain for most business leaders. Updates are sudden and time-consuming. Yet, keeping your network up to date with patches is vital to your overall security posture. Security Patching is a critical service that costs most in-house IT departments a lot of time & effort. A managed Cybersecurity Solutions Provider will manage every aspect of your Windows, Mac, and Linux security patching requirements to ensure a seamless deployment. 

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