Denver IT Service Company, NOYNIM, Shares the 4 Benefits of Managed IT Services

Every industry is experiencing the impact of ever-evolving technologies. Many businesses are faced with the decision to either tackle technological challenges in-house or to outsource managed IT services to a third party.

For law firms, the decision to outsource can present some hesitation. Many firms still utilize outdated IT systems and are slow to adopt high-impact technologies. In contrast, the few firms that do invest in professional legal IT services can experience endless possibilities for cost savings, compliance, client communication, and efficiency. In this article, we examine the four main benefits of outsourcing legal IT services.

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One of the biggest challenges law firms face is the ever-shifting landscape of regulations. Whether a firm operates with a single attorney or a large corporate office, compliance issues can be a major undertaking.

Managed IT services can help law firms remain secure from external and internal threats which is an essential component in achieving regulatory compliance. Cybersecurity awareness trainings are another important factor in keeping a firm safe from phishing, CEO fraud, malware, and other attempts to steal data.

Cost Savings

Hiring an in-house IT department can be cost-prohibitive. It can be expensive to employ enough IT personnel to cover every area of the complex IT landscape. Fortunately, outsourcing legal IT services can result in significant cost savings.

Through predictable pricing structures and an always-available model, law firms can experience the benefits of a dedicated IT staff minus the overhead. IT consultants are fast, professional, and friendly, providing superior customer service at a fraction of the cost of in-house IT staff.

Client Communication

Consistent and reliable client communication is one of the most crucial components of an IT strategy for the legal industry. By outsourcing managed IT services, attorneys can experience uninterrupted connections with clients and staff.

IT consultants can ensure that networks experience minimal downtime. They can also implement world-class cloud computing services. Cloud solutions can maximize operations by putting critical data at employees’ fingertips.


Running a successful law firm requires business leaders’ full attention. The most positive outcome from working with a Denver IT service company is that business leaders can refocus on what really matters: running their firm.

With a team of IT consultants, law firms can experience immediate assistance with: email support, networking, software management, cloud services, hosting, troubleshooting, and more. By outsourcing legal IT services, business leaders can refocus on running the practice.

NOYNIM IT Solutions

At NOYNIM IT Solutions, we specialize in delivering outstanding IT support and services to law firms utilizing strategic processes that can help your firm outperform its competition. NOYNIM’s IT experts have over a century of combined experience, making us capable of providing end-to-end IT solutions for the legal industry. From cybersecurity to compliance regulations to day-to-day IT tasks, we aim to build a trusting partnership focused on personalized service.

Law firms recognize the value of having a dedicated group of IT professionals available 24/7 to address their every IT need. Contact us today to learn more about our Denver IT services and how they can protect law firms from mounting cyberthreats.

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