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Windows XP Outlook not working on Exchange 2013

During a recent migration to Exchange 2013 that NOYNIM Denver IT Consulting Services performed we encountered a problem with Windows XP clients not (running Outlook 2007) being able to connect to the new server following a mailbox move.

OWA and ActiveSync worked fine and other systems running newer versions of Windows and Office could connect to the same mailbox without issue.

Autodiscover would configure the profile correctly, however the client would prompt for credentials and not accept any combination (e-mail address, domain\username, username etc).

It turns out this is a not so well documented limitation of Windows XP.  We were using a wildcard certificate for the customer domain which would accept autodiscover.domainname.com, mail.domainname.com, servername.domainname.com etc.  While newer versions of Windows have no problem with this, Windows XP is not.

In searching for a resultion we came across this blog article on Microsofts forums.  https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/exchange/en-US/a7c25d6a-7cfc-40a1-a17e-a1f05f637d53/exchange-2010outlook-anywherewindows-xp-not-working-together?forum=exchange2010.

This fix discussed in this article recommended making the following change in Exchange Management Shell:


Set-OutlookProvider EXPR -CertPrincipalName:”msstd:*.domain.com”


After making this change however the issue persisted.  Upon further troubleshooting we found it was also necessary to run this command as well:


Set-OutlookProvider -Identity EXCH -CertPrincipalName msstd:*.domain.com


Additionally, these settings will not take effect until after you have performed an IISReset on the Exchange 2013 server.


After defining both of these settings and running an IISReset Autodiscover worked flawlessly and accepted the provided credentials.


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