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Wireless Deployment using a Controller

Recently NOYNIM Computer Services was hired to setup roughly 50 access points for a client in the Denver metro area.  Being vendor neutral we provided the client with two solutions.  The vendors of choice were Aruba and Cisco.  Aruba is a great company that has a lot of focus on wireless technology whereas Cisco is a large company that has many focuses.

After a detailed analysis and presentations, NOYNIM recommended Cisco which the client agreed to.  Without going into too much detail on why Aruba was not chosen I am going to focus on some cool features that Cisco has.

Whenever you have many access points (over 10 in my opinion) you need a centralized management controller/application to manage and maintain everything.  Think of a server/desktop environment, you generally wouldn’t have 10 desktops without a server.

Cisco has a few controller models so ill just focus on some cool features then each model number.

  • CleanAir – this technology proactively detects and prevents interference.  Some key features are:
    • Provides continual system-wide discovery without performance impact
    • Accurately identifies source, location and scope of interference
    • Takes automatic action to avoid current and future interference with full history reporting
  • FlexConnect – ability to configure and control access points in brach/remote offices from the corporate office through a WAN/VPN link.
  • IP Flexibility – lets say you have an area that your APs cover that have a lot of users (1,000 users).  In the old days you would have to use a class b or a to provide enough IPs.  With Cisco they have the features that let you dynamically allocate more class C (/24) networks to provide more addressing


If you are deploying a wireless solution please give NOYNIM a call at 720.524.8616 so we can build a world class solution for you.



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